The Biggest Cedar in Japan

I stopped by Agano-town in Nigata to see this huge cedar tree on the way home from Volunteer work.   


 If you studied Japanese, click and have a try to read.

It's 19,3m in diameter, 38m in height, about 1400 years old. 


I wrote some words  in writing brush at the souvenir shop.
"  I came to see the biggest Ceder tree   in Japan. I want to visit California to see the world biggest tree in the future."


My Tohoku trip - 1

I'm sorry that I haven't updated my blog long time.
I'm fine! but just lazy man.

I left for Tohoku trip in my car on May 29th, and came back home on July 17th.

I visited  my friend's homes in  Miyagi and  Fukushima .  and joined volunteer work for a week at the volunteer  center in Kesennuma ,Miyagi. 

I tripped there with this my car. The distance of round-trip was 2400km. 
This Daihatsu small car looks very  compact, but indoor space is large.
I loaded my futon into this car and slept comfortably.

I took some photos while driving route45 along coast on the way to the volunteer center in Kesennuma. 

This main bridge on route45 was destroyed by huge Tsunami.
Detour road was made now, and we were able to crossed opposite side .

There were some broken houses on the bridge. 
Now , The construction of temporary bridge is going on steadily.
I hear that  the construction  will finish on July earlier than the original plan .
I will write about the volunteer work on next blog. 


Planting trees for small space

I was asked to plant trees for this small space under the eaves.

I improved the garden soil at first with compost and black soil.

I selected these trees this time. Some different conifers and a enkianths .

I decided to use this flower pot and this ornament for decoration .

The layout is important for small spaces.

All done.

The faminly was pleased at looking the finish. I was happy to see that ,too.

This two ornaments are rusty,but they have a good mood.

A month pasted since the great earth quake.
One of my friend who lives in Tohoku sent me a mail and the site adress of ABC news.

The pictures showed us that the impact of great Tsunami was really huge.


Bamboo Fence

I made a bamboo fence in my neighborhood garden.

This January, I went to the bamboo grove of local mountain ,and got a thick bamboo with my neighborhood.

That was too heavy to carry out. So, cut into three and carried out on my shoulder.

At first, I split a bamboo into two.

This is existent bamboo fence. My father made a first one about 20 years ago.
and the customor made over it by himself about 10 years ago.
And a couple month ago, he asked me to make over the one he made.

This time, I arranged the orginal , and made like this at first.
But my father didn't satisfy the finish. He instructed me to lift the thick bamboo up a little and change the Knot to be more prominent.

I modified those things, and finished at last.

 If you could get some bamboo in your country, have a try to make your original bamboo fence.
It it not too difficult.

This my neiborhood garden is well maintained. Can you see the bamboo fence ?
I like this garden.


Katakuri (Dogtooth violet)

I visited the habitat of Katakuri this afternoon with my family.
But it was too early to see the flower. Almost buds haven't bloomed yet.

Hundred of thousands of Katakuris are growing in this hillside.

It will be at their best in full bloom in a week. I have to come again.

10days have passed since the great earthquake. Various supports and recovery are going gradually.
But still, a lot of people are living in lack of various supplies. Especially,a lack of gasoline is serious problem. My friend's family who live in Tohoku told to me by phone that they lined the gas station for 5 hours and was able to refuel only 10liter. The father of the family go to work by bicycle for a hour. Another lack of supplies are perishable foos like meet,fish and vegetable. They can get only flour , pasta etc in supermarket.

In my area, we are able to refuel easy as usual. I asked the clerk of the station yesterday about it. According to him, the demand of heavy oil will increase in thermal power station,because of the accident of the atomic power plant.Relatively, the production of gasoline and light oil will decreace in the future.
We might have to line at gas station all over Japan in the future.



The situation is getting worse.

I worked listening to the radio today.
I feel strong worry about the accident at atomic power plant in Hukushima.

The government and the party was desperately trying to cool down the atmic pile,
but the situation was getting worse .
The first day , TV and radio reported the accident about almost only plant 1.

But ,dufficult troubules came one after another at plant 2, plant 3 and plant4 besides plant 1.
and ,the concentration of radiation was getting high.

The government announced the escalation of refuge area from 10km to 20km .
and also lots of people who are live in the area from 20km to 30km are under house arrest now.
I hope the worst situation will draw to an end earlier.

I want to explain the detail in plain English, but it's difficult for me.
So, if you want to know more , check the news at the website of NHK WORLD .


Great earthquake and huge Tsunami

Massive earthquake of magnitude of 9.0 occurred along the Pacific coast of North of Tokyo 2 days ago. After the shock , huge tsunami swallowed up many town which is along bay and inlet.

I felt small swing in my room when the earthquake occured.
I didn't think it's such a serious situation then.

Few minutes later, I went to my father's room to show him the estimate I made.
and I knew the great earthquake occured arround Miyagi where I lived for 3 years up to 2 years ago.

When I was going out from the door to buy soil and tree for work, my father came to me and said' Great Tsunami! Watch TV!'

and I watched the huge terrible Tsunami hit houses and people who are driving cars and trucks at live coverage from helicopter.
The scene was like movie or something. It was just like hell.

Two days past from the earthquake.
Some of earlier co-worker who are in devastated area answered my mail and told me that they are safe.

What we have to do for them is trying to save electricity.

Smoke billowing from Fukushima nuclear plant

 Many nuclear pawer plant has stopped the run by strong sway.
The electricity supply is running short north of Tokyo now.
That's way we have to save our use.

Big company and factory like Honda and Nissan decided to shut down the production for it.

Oh, it's time to sleep. I have to turn off this PC and go to bed earlier to save electricity and help people in devastated area.

ps. Thankfully, many rescue corps is arriving to Japan from a lot of countries.
I want to say to world ,THANK YOU VERY MUCH! .


Designing perspective of the garden.

I drew a picture in perspective for a meeting of landscaping garden .
Framing an plan is hard work,but Coloring in watercolor is happy time.

I traced over a picture of the garden with tracing paper.
and, drew a block wall, fence and trees and stones,etc..
And then, put on another tracing paper again, and traced carefully .
and one more again.

Finally, copied it on white paper, and colored in watercolor.
Besides,I made a ground plan and a estimate of the construction.
I hope the next meeting will succeed.


The border of the clininc

It's getting warm. The Christmasrose is blooming now.

I did the construction of the border of the clinic.

Before construction. Oak trees was growing thick.

The waiting room was dim with leaves of trees.

At first, we removed all trees in the border by hand. Digging the stubs was really hard work.

And then, we planted new different trees.

Hard work was done. Next is happy gardening time.

I wanted to plant a big bulb of allium. but my father rejected it ,because of mismatch.

I planted some apaganthus. I like this flower.

I set a pot in the rolling of the soil.

and planted some Christmasrose. I like this one ,too.
and then, sticked some different moss.


almost done.

I lay the fragments of coconut on the ground except moss part.

finally, repaired some tiles. and all done.
I'm looking forward to see that trees will come into bud and the garden will be very nice.